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Zoo Stew
A Beastly Tale

Zoo Stew
You won't find boring food at this café! The day's special is Zoo Stew, but for the jaded diner, even that isn't wild enough. How do Kangaroo toes sound? Or perhaps Bandicoot Cobbler and Emu sorbet? A fun romp through a culinary zoo for all ages, with delightful illustrations throughout.

The poem (first published in Air Conditioning & Other Pleasures) can sampled in Geoffrey's Spilt Ink pages. Also available: [p. 12] [back cover]

Words by Geoffrey Skinner.
Drawings by Joan Schwan.
Paper, 20 pages, b&w illustrations. 1999.

From "Zoo Stew"

I sat in a booth at my favorite café,
But nothing looked good; I was feeling blasé.
I waved to the waitress-said "Give me a clue.
"Please help me-the menu is boring - I'm blue!"
She said with a smile, "The special today
Is one that will please the most jaded gourmet.
I think you can bid all your doldrums adieu.
This evening we feature zoo stew!"

"Stop! Stop!" I leapt from my seat to exclaim
Quite before the poor waitress could even explain,
"You've broken my boredom - I know what I'll do.
I really must have me a bowl of that stew!"
She turned toward the kitchen, began to retreat,
And assured me, "You'll like it; it's really a treat!"
"But wait!" I cried out, "I know I need more!
The stew will be great, but just stew is a bore!"

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