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In The House of Dreams
Poems for Joan

In the House of Dreams
This set of love poems were written as a marriage proposal. With inspirations from the natural world and the poems of Pablo Neruda, Jorie Graham and Gary Snyder, the poems range from the fanciful to the intimate.

A Key for Joan (not currently available) - a companion to In the House of Dreams appeared simultaneously and contained clues to a puzzle contained in poems. The puzzle was solved, the proposal was a rousing success, and Joan married Geoffrey in 1999.

By Geoffrey Skinner.
Paper, 21 pages, b&w illustrations. 1998.

From the Title Poem

Blooms overflow our mossy bed -
we lie beneath yellow mimulus,
orange wallflower
and goldfields.

Alders and buckeyes measure the walls;
blue oaks frame the door;
manzanita, the windows;
and chamise surrounds a blue sky mirror.

Cassiopeia stretches across
the night sky ceiling,
and Aldebaran, follower of the Pleiades,
watches over.

Clear water makes a floor,
flowing over weathered sandstone
with grey stepping stones.

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Southern Festoon

Southern Festoon (Zerynthia polyxena)
from Hübner, Jacob. Das kleine Schmetterlingsbuch.
Leipzig: Insel-Verlag, 1934. p. 18.

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