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Coyote Snuffle
Our newest book of poems from Geoffrey Skinner, Coyote Snuffle, explores life in the Santa Cruz Mountains, marriage and tools. Illustrated by Joan Schwan.

16 poems by Geoffrey Skinner on subjects ranging from woodrats to blacksmithing, with forays into fashion and lunar landings.

Zoo Stew
Discover the pleasures of fine dining in Zoo Stew: A Beastly Tale, with words by Geoffrey Skinner and delightful illustrations by Joan Schwan. Fun for all ages!

House of Dreams
In the House of Dreams: Poems for Joan
A set of love poems by Geoffrey Skinner, written as a (successful!) marriage proposal.

When the temperature rises, it's time for Air Conditioning & Other Pleasures - 37 poems on diverse subjects by Geoffrey Skinner.
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