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Air Conditioning & Other Pleasures

Coyote Snuffle
A wide ranging collection of poems, including "Metamorphosis" (a fable about getting up on the wrong side of bed), "Bobcat Morning at Jasper Ridge" (a surprising encounter with an avid duck watcher), "Water Buffalo" (not your average beast), and "The Mammoth in the Garden" (watch out for the crocuses!).

These and others from this collection can sampled in Geoffrey's Spilt Ink pages. Also available: [title page] [table of contents p. 1 - 2]

By Geoffrey Skinner
Paper, 61 pages. 1997.

From "Air Conditioning"

My best friend's partner
cleans and installs
air conditioners.
Can you imagine?
As a way to make a living!
It sounds so alien.
Air conditioners remind me
of all the electrical devices
my parents own -
blenders, radios and TV sets,
refrigerators -
I have no understanding
of how they work.
I'm a girl - I have no intuition
for machines!

(based on a piece by Diane Byster)

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