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MLIS Projects & Papers

School of Library & Information Science,
San Jose State University

LIBR 200 Information and Society Spring 2001
Library Worthy Introduction: David C. Weber
A New Code of Ethics for Librarians? ALA Codes and Johan Bekker's Proposals
Planning for Disaster
LIBR 202 Information Retrieval Spring 2001
Ontology on the Web
Evaluating Web Search Tools
LIBR 204 Information Organizations and Management Spring 2001
Anticipating Surprises
Case Study: Internet Use Guidelines
Creating an Environmental Resource for the 21st Century
LIBR 210 Information Resources and Services Summer 2001
Agrifolia High School Library Environmental Studies Guide
Robert Rauschenberg at the Wilson Museum
LIBR 228 Advanced Information Resources and Services Spring 2002
Boosting E-Journal Use: A Needs Assessment Proposal
Emma Goldman Memorial Library Service Policy
Emma 102: Internet Search Engines and Academic Research
LIBR 234 Freedom of Information Fall 2002
A Defense of Robert Peck's A Day No Pigs Would Die
Preserving Citizens' Right to Not Know: A Survey of National Boundaries in the Internet Era
LIBR 246 Advanced Web Design Fall 2001
Major Assignment
Minor Assignments
  1. Irish History Quiz
  2. Forms, Shopping Carts & Navigation Menus
  3. Rollovers, Image Swaps & DHTML Menus
  4. Displaying XML with CSS
  5. Displaying XML with XSL
  6. Displaying Multiple Style Sheets with XSL and JavaScript
LIBR 251 Interface Design for Information Services Spring 2002
The End of Books, the End of Print Style
Testing The Usability Of The Stanford University Library's Cataloging Services Website
Your Users Know Best
LIBR 275 Library Services for Racially and Ethnically Diverse Communities Summer 2002
Beyond Wheelchair Ramps: Disabilities Services and ADA Compliance in Selected Libraries on the San Francisco Peninsula
Critical Note: Accessible Libraries on Campus
Critical Note: Library Buildings, Equipment & the ADA
Observation Report: Mitchell Park Library, Palo Alto
LIBR 281 Seminar in Contemporary Issues: Bibliographic Instruction Summer 2002
Dead Fish on Rickenbacker Lake: An Environmental Information Literacy Tutorial
Instructional Design: Connecting With Learners via Web-Based BI/IL Instruction
Learning Theories: Let the Instruction Fit the Task
LIBR 289 Advanced Topics in Library and Information Science Autumn 2002
Your Colleagues Found These Additional Resources Useful: Adaptive Websites Applications and Libraries
Filters and Rogue Librarians: Weblogs in the Library World

Note: External links within the above papers and projects were correct at the time of writing. They have not been checked for current accuracy, nor will they be updated.